Mini Sampler Eco Bundle

Mini Sampler Eco Bundle

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A great way to try our two best sellers!

You will receive 4 unpaper towels and 1 snack bag in surprise prints. Print requests cannot be taken on this item. 

Individual product information below-

Our fold over snack bags are perfect for on the go and in lunch boxes!
Baggies measuring approximately 8x6.5in
Lined with eco PUL
Organic cotton woven exterior
Machine washable

Each towel is approximately 11"x10", single ply 100% cotton flannel. The edges have been serged for durability and to prevent fraying. These towels will need to be washed several times to reach their full absorbency levels. Speaking of wash, just toss these in with your current towel load!

We recommend keeping these beauties in a cute basket on your counter or rolling them on to an empty cardboard tube! A wet bag to store used towels works great! When it's time to wash, simply invert your wet bag and toss the towels and bag in. Easy peasy.

No need for snaps here! These unpaper towels will cling together on their own if you prefer to keep them on a roll.